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Isso Marovich Fotiss

Love in marriage is like a journey from a fireplace to the autumn. In the beginning, it is usually like an intense flame, and as the years go by, it becomes like beautiful autumn.

Love is vital in marriage. Tender affection (Greek, philia) is needed in a marriage. Romantic love (eros) brings delight, and love for family (storge) is vital when children enter the picture. However, it is love based on principle (agape) that ensures the success of a marriage.

The world over, there are many sayings about the value of true love:

“Love does not choose the blade of grass on which it falls.” (Zulu proverb)

“Love is the salt of life.” (Philippines)

“Love overlooks defects and hatred magnifies shortcomings.” (Lebanon)

“Love conceals ugliness.” (Ireland)

“Love is stronger than a giant.” (Wales)

“That which is loved is always beautiful.” (Norway)

“A pennyweight of love is worth a pound of law.” (England)

“True love lasts until death.” (Spanish saying)

Following is an anonymous quotation:

“Righteousness without love makes us hard. Faith without love makes us fanatical. Power without love makes us brutal. Duty without love makes us peevish. Orderliness without love makes us petty.”

Isso Marovich Fotiss

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